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COVID-19 protocols

At the airport

New protocols have been introduced at all airports to keep you safe. These include:

Increased cleaning operations

  • Limiting terminal access and the suspension of some facilities to ensure social distancing
  • Introduction of hygiene stations
  • Possible temperature checks
  • Passengers generally should maintain social distancing, wear masks at all times, reduce contact where possible and frequently wash hands
  • Airport check-in, security and boarding will all have measures to ensure your safety and to limit contact

On flight restrictions

All airlines have introduced measures to keep you safe these include increased cleaning operations and the wearing of masks. Please refer to the airline website for more information.

Welcome and your transfer

Our representatives in resort will meet you on arrival and will be able to advise on what measures are being taken to keep you safe on the transfer to your hotel which may include the wearing of face masks. Some transfers may be subject to additional stops and extended wait times and therefore be longer than usual as a consequence.

Your hotel

All hotels have implemented measures to maximum cleanliness and safety. These vary from country to country but all have been developed in accordance with local government advice.

The extra measures may include increased frequency of cleaning operations, the provision of hygiene stations, the wearing of face masks and limitations on access to some facilities. It is likely that bars and restaurants will be operating at reduced capacity to ensure appropriate social distancing, this will vary depending upon whether the seating is internal or external.

Relaxing next to the pool or on the beach will also be subject to new protocols with increased cleaning operations or limitations on the number of people in a particular area to maintain social distancing. The great news is that you should all have more space to enjoy yourself in the sun.

In resort

Please look out for local guidance on what restrictions and measures are in place in resort, our representatives as well as the hotel staff will be able to advise further. We would generally recommend that you should maintain social distancing, carry a protective mask and frequently wash your hands.

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